Sony MZ-RH1

Last of the line…the Sony HiMD Recorder MZ-RH1

The Retro Recordist – The Beauty of MiniDisc Recording  is a subsidiary blog to The Field Recordist 

This blog concentrates on a single theme; that of recording with the inimitable MiniDisc Walkman Recorder (1992-2011).

MiniDiscs have in many ways a similar appeal to the longstanding vinyl disc, or record. They are physical, tactile items; have a lovely warm, and unique sound signature of their own; they are easily managed and capable of being played in a relatively simple manner without the need for internet or computer-based systems.

HiMd Discs on Left - NetMD Discs on Right

HiMd Discs on Left – NetMD Discs on Right

Recordings made on MiniDiscs approach CD quality, and are truly magical.

The Vibrating Ether